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“The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. …”

Jack London, John Griffith Chaney (1876 –1916), American novelist, journalist and activist.

Modern therapy is surgery.

Vast number of aging populations is concerned.

The Eye Lens is constituted of extremely long cells, measuring 12 mm.

This fact means a huge amount of encompassing membranes.

Main component of those ones are lipids.

Recent research shows that fats absorbed can be crucial for appearance of this disease.

Nutrition in modern society is largely deficient in essential fatty acids.

Since five decades physicians recommend Olive Oil.

This one contains Omega 9, but no 3 and 6.

For Omega 3 you need Linen Oil, possibly cold-pressed, and for Omega 6 Safflower Oil.

Last one is a small cactus and there is no way to extract fat from it without heating.

Sunflower and Colza contain both acids, but to variable proportions.

Supplementation of those products can play a key role in prevention of this illness.

I recommend Linen and Safflower oil, three teaspoons each daily.

In case of nonavailability or intolerance one can resort to colza, or sunflower ones, possibly cold-pressed.

Add it to salad and vegetables to ease absorption!

Fish contains Omega 3, but as soon you cook it, it is gone.

Cooling the stuff near 0°C or below has probably the same effect as heating it.

Hence, vegetal oils should be kept at about 10-15°C, away from daylight, and for not longer than 10 months, to avoid decay.

In this last case the stuff becomes neither healthy nor tasty.

During the cold season you can consume seafood raw, but from warmer waters it is infested with parasites, which on the long-term cause liver cancer.

Essential fatty acids keep cells away from sloughing.

Here antioxidants can be also decisive.

Publications relate even regrowth of the Eye Lens.

Does this mean also possible clearing of opacities with such treatment?