Conservative treatment and prevention of tendon injuries

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Tendon injuries are frequent events in athletic activity. Direct consequence is quitting sports. Many tendon problems are amenable to improvement or healing with simple conservative measures. This is the topic of my booklet.  

Most frequent injury of shoulder joint is fissure of supra-spinatus tendon, so-called cuff lesion.

All tendon fissures in young people heal with improvement of nutrition, that is implementing essential fatty acids in one’s meals.

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13 thoughts on “Conservative treatment and prevention of tendon injuries

  1. cpanow261 Post author

    What you describe is typical for a torn meniscus. It comes in contact with the articulation and makes a snapping noise, as it returnes back to it’s place.
    Don’t worry about your patella! It’s fine!
    Don’t implement any version of squatts too early. Thus you should wait with biking too. As you wrote that you have this problem since february, count 6 months to provide your meniscus with a solid scar, simply with walking. Consider wearing soles with air even at home!
    Once the scar is stable, you can try the steptreck, but only little by little. This would strengthen further your meniscus. If you feel the slightest pain, go back to walking again!

    1. andreicosminus

      Hello. First of all, i feel the kneecap that not glides well when it disarranged and cause of this i have to straighten the knee and clik it. I am at the seaside right now and i observed that the patella becomes more unstable on the sand and pain around kneecap, below and interior/latteral.
      I have forgotten to tell tou that the knee does not feel ok if i stay with the leg straighten for a period of time, in this case, for what i told you in this message, do not think that i have a lax tendon/ligament that influences the patella, or the meniscus is the only cause?
      In plus, can you describe the steptreck?

    2. andreicosminus

      …but…but. When my knee began to hurt in february, it hurted when i was on a bike. I did not fall or hit the knee… So how can appear a meniscus tear whithout hiting the knee? You can explain. And the previous message please

      1. Constantin Panow

        You need to read my booklet : “Don’t give up your favorite sport for a meniscus lesion of the knee!” You would find all pertinent information inside this text.

  2. cpanow261 Post author

    A torn meniscus is enough for a young guy! The only problem is that many doctors are without experience, and besides they don’t know how to fix a meniscus problem! Dispersion of ideas is the worst enemy of diagnostics.


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