Retinal detachment

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“People are guilty of all the good actions they did not do!”

Voltaire, Artist, Philosopher, Playwright, Writer, Poet and Humanist(1694-1778).

Poorly understood diagnosis leaves frequently specialists disarmed.

Its surgery by ophtalmologists is exceedingly delicate.

Such one frequently leaves the patient with devastating results to involved eye.

Subretinal tissue is composed of membranes.

Main constituent are lipids.

Nutrition in modern society is largely deficient in essential fatty acids.

Since several decades physicians recommend Olive Oil.

This one contains Omega 9, but no 3 and 6.

For Omega 3 you need Linen Oil, possibly cold-pressed, and for Omega 6 Safflower Oil.

Last one is a small cactus and there is no way to extract fat from it without heating.

Sunflower and Colza oil contain both acids, but to variable proportions.

Supplementation of those products can prevent this disease.

As all liquids in the body in inappropriate location tend to be resorbed, we hope that such a treatment could help also reversing the illness.

I recommend Linen and Safflower oil, three teaspoons each daily.

Add it to salad and vegetables to ease absorption!

Fish contains Omega 3, but as soon you cook it, it is gone.

During the cold season you can consume it raw, but from warmer waters fish is infested with parasites, which on long term provoque liver cancer.

Probably also many other ailments have this common origin.