Public health

This website cannot replace a visit to the doctor’s office. Consult with your physician if you have any medical problem!

“The Art of Medicine consists in entertaining patients while Nature Heals them.”

Voltaire, Artist, Philosopher, Playwright, Writer, Poet and Humanist (1694-1778).

If medical professionals are essential for public health, we observe in last decade a movement of disengagement of doctors from patient’s treatment.

On one side, there is more information and standard therapies.

On the other hand, there are less and less practitioners, who would visit their patients at home.

More and more specialists are produced by universities, but they view themselves as consultants and not as treating physicians.

As a result, colleagues resort to broader links with community, in order to share ideas and propose health projects.

The individual in society becomes more and more responsible as such for his/her own health.

In 20th century baby-boomers were bringing new hope after the War.

We were of a lineage of hard-working dreamers and poets.

In my profession we were passionate medical caregivers.

Now our time is over, and we are looking forward impatiently for the young generation to come with new, innovative ideas.

And we rejoice thoroughly learning about them doing it under difficult conditions.

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