The Serbiian Nikola Tesla has been one of the biggest scientists of 20th century.

MRI machines with which we are working today are to a great part his invention.

More than that, he probably discovered a way of transgressing Earth attraction.

This point isn’t clearly depicted in his works.

The old view that the North Pole is attracting magnets because of a big  Iron load seems outdated.

It is well known that, because of turning around the Sun, our Planet is flattened on both Poles.

As the South Pole is a huge continent of earth, while the North one is  mere ice, it seems clear that on the North one we are nearest to Earth Center. And Mass: Hence probably attraction of magnets.

Thus, I suppose that in not so far future we could witness flying machines, moved by magnetic motors.

Hence, avionics would become even more stable, reliable and safe.