“C’est n’être bon à rien que de n’être bon qu’à soi!”

From Voltaire’s writings (1694-1778).

The Serbiian Nikola Tesla has been one of the biggest scientists of 20th century.

MRI machines with which we are working today are to a great part his invention.

More than that, he probably discovered a way of transgressing Earth attraction.

This point isn’t clearly depicted in his works.

The old view that the North Pole is attracting magnets because of a big  Iron load seems outdated.

It is well known that, because of turning around the Sun, our Planet is flattened on both Poles.

As the South Pole is a huge continent of earth, while the North one is  mere ice, it seems clear that on the North one we are nearest to Earth Center. And Mass: Hence probably attraction of magnets.

Thus, I suppose that in not so far future we could witness flying machines, moved by magnetic motors.

Hence, avionics would become even more stable, reliable and safe. 

“Every Moment Is Infinite. Worlds Appear and Disappear In The Hand of The Holy One All The Time.” 

A Poem.