Contribution of ultrasound to diagnosis of intestinal infection

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“When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them!” 

Confucius, Chinese Philosopher and Legalist (551-479BC).

Ultrasound has been imaging modality of poor man since 50 years. 
With computer revolution it has acquired exquisite quality at turn of century. 
Its nowadays capabilities have not yet been fully recognized and described. 

1985 I put up a statistics at the Gastro-enterology Department of University Hospital of Geneva for Professor Edouard Loizeau, Director-in-chief of this Unit at that time.
This survey covered gastro-duodenal ulcer disease diagnosed by endoscopy over two or three years.
The results were astonishing for me: – In the acute phase an isolated ulcer (10%) was seldom observed.
An erosive inflammation (90%) of pre-pyloric gastric antrum (antritis), or duodenal bulbus (bulbitis) were witnessed instead. On many occasions called hemorrhagic by the gastro-enterologist performing the procedure.
It lasted many decades untill ultrasound was able to provide reliable images showing this aspect.
When disease persists without treatment, then a tiny ulceration appears in the wall of the gut.
This one again is readily visible with modern echography. 

Consuming raw meat from cattle is not always safe. 

Already more than ten years ago sanitary authority in Swtzerland admitted that poultry and pork products contained germs to seventy percent, while lamb and cow – to fifty. 

Salamy also can encompass dangerous bacteria. 

In recent decade control became much more perfectionate. 

Since a long time exists a process of handling this kind of merchandise, making it not only palatable, but also secure. 

For instance, I do not remember from my practice patients falling ill after eating dried beef or horse. 

Similar can be said for fish, though parasites, if catch comes from warm waters, can encyst and thus present a menace for health. 

All microbes do not mean same jeopardy, and hence it is important to distinguish between them, which task can be done by my method. 

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