Anti- neoplastic therapy and prevention

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“The Universe is Infinite!”

Giordano Bruno, Latin: Iordanus Brunus Nolanus; Italian Scientist of Renaissance, Philosopher, Mathematician, and Poet.

Born Filippo Bruno, 1548 in Nola, Kingdom of Naples, sentenced to execution by burning 1600 by the Papal Inquisition in Rome.

(God Almighty Creates Through His Christ An Infinity Of Parallel Universes, Each Of Them Being Infinite And Eternal. He Folds Them In His Hand Like A Scroll.)

Neoplastic disease is peaking all over the Planet. Many reasons can be responsible. 
One of them are poor nutritional habits. 
I tried to resume in this small text knowledge on this subject, as it appears today. 
Recent publications point to evidence of increasing neoplastic prevalence with high alcohol consumption.

One possible explanation could be that such beverages sterilize the intestine and reduce essential for health gut flora.

Hence it would be important to enjoy them only in moderate amounts.

“Everything with measure!” says Philosopher of Old. 
Current literature recommends one glas of red wine for women each day and two for men. 
Apart from that, there exists since many decades clue of a link between germs, and especially viruses and tumors. 
With the AIDS epidemic and Covid- 19 society experienced a huge leap forward in therapies of infectious diseases. 
Probably near future would thus bring us many new anti-cancer treatments based on anti-microbials. 

Publications report increase of prevalence of autoimmune and neoplastic diseases with prolonged exposition to viral illnesses.

It has become well accepted in France to consider ardousness of task in foresight of retirement. -This for heavy workers for instance.

What about medical staff, so much exposed to contagious ailments?

Also, and especially, people engaged in wastewater treatment plants are ill several times every week.

Would there be in near future hope for them?

-Protection from so-easily transmitted viruses by air, or at least earlier pension?

Among general population and in temperate climates, frequency of those sicknesses is highest in November and February (Northern Hemisphere, Switzerland).

Everyone can witness this fact for gastroenteritis, for instance.

There are probably two reasons to be considered here:

First, with cooling common cold becomes prevailing (Mycoplasma pneumoniae is easily transmitted and ubiquitous).

This germ enhances viral disorders.

Second, last ones are poorly spread by air in frosty weather, and better during milder season.

Biological organisms renew their cells at a speed which is largely dependent on basal metabolic rate.

A tissue with a higher one prevails.

This is how tumors evolve in old age. Sloughing down triumphs and outgrowths occur at the empty place.

We can try to prevent and treat such ones with measures which sustain metabolism.

Also, infections are to be considered in same way.

A cooler surrounding promotes brown body fat. Hence benefits of so-called bad season and cold baths.

Physical activity is important during the whole life and supports in the same manner all organs.

This is how also antioxidants, vitamins and oligo-elements work.

As for example, sun rays (Vitamin D), fruit and vegetables (Vitamins C, A…), liver and meat (Vitamin B12).

In modernity earth becomes exhausted because of over-exploitation and we are lacking rare elements essential for health. Here supplements can help.

Supportive value on metabolism have also Caffein (coffee), Curcumin (Turmeric), Allicin (Garlic), Resveratrol (Red wine, vinegar and dark grapes) to name a few.

A tight link exists between autoimmune and neoplastic disease. Many patients suffer both.

Basal metabolic rate is probably the common bond between all acquired illnesses.

Joy in life is also an important factor, not to be underestimated in psychological frame. Hence, importance of balance between work, hobbies, free time, entertaining, humorists and so forth.

Or, as Voltaire was saying: “J’ai décidé d’être heureux parce que c’est bon pour la santé”.