Urine infection in females

This website cannot replace a visit to a medical office. Consult with your physician if you have any medical problem!

“Nay!” answered the child: “but these are the wounds of Love.”

The Selfish Giant, Oscar Wilde (Irish Poet, 1854-1900).

Most frequent honey-moon ailment, this disease is fully preventable and treatable with simple methods.

Voiding immediately after sexual intercourse is essential.

Drinking at least two glasses of water or liquid of any kind shortly after prevents almost every recurrence.

Only drawback is physiology of females, hormones, especially progesterone, which peaks during second half of cycle, making drinking unpalatable.

Thus participation of partner becomes essential to promote consistency of practice.

He can become best cocktail specialist!

Thus, natural aversion for liquids, can be mastered and overcome by taking time and patience.

Urine infection manifests with burning sensation while voiding, and sometimes urgency, accompanied by small urine amounts.

Nowadays medical policy does not need imperatively consultation of a doctor.

A visit to the drugstore is sufficient, and if treated promptly double dosage of an antibiotic, as a single intake is all, that is needed,

Any aching or pain in higher abdomen, especially if on one side, warrants further investigation by medical practitioner:

– As kidney infection is pretty common, and can be dangerous!

Another situation, where urine infection occurs in females, is pinworm disease.

These pets are essential for our health, but become sometimes turbulent, especially if present since years, and in spring and autumn, their high-seasons.

Presentation is most of the time as urethritis, rather than cystitis, sometimes puzzling to practitioners, as urine appears “clean”.

One single tablet or dose of vermicidal drug is sufficient to promote freedom from this ailment for at least two years.

Animals protect themselves by licking their perineum.

Parasites never travel towards the mouth, and thus stop their progression when they feel saliva.

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