Prevention of skelettal growth disorders in children and adolescents

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“Je ne suis rien, je le sais, mais je compose mon rien avec un petit morceau de tout. …”

Victor Hugo (French Writer, 1802-1885). 

Vitamin D, once part of prescription of pediatricians is more and more forgotten in modern consultation.

The result is increasing rate of scoliosis and other preventable disorders in growing population.

On the other hand, advertising by all medias of dangers of UV-rays, for prevention of skin cancer, aggravates this tendency.

Sun baths can be safe, if avoidance of sunburn is observed, and are essential for ones health.

In temperate climates, addition of vitamin D to one’s diet, remains also a primary point of public health measures.

New insights show, that many diseases of growing skeletton are due to rickets.

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