Hunger in the World

“The lion shall eat straw like the ox, ”

Isaiah 65:25.

Population on the Planet is growing steadily.

Crops are becoming insufficient in many countries.

Climate change obliges to adaptations difficult to accomplish.

Poverty is blooming in many parts and even rich and privileged ones are concerned.

The Third World, India for instance, is feeding its population on exclusively vegetarian regime.

This is also easier to accomplish, as greens are a first-line product of earth and can be produced in bigger amounts than proteins.

One issue with such policy is that needs also increase.

Observation of wild animals brings insight in this topic.

Baby elephants for instance, taste parental excrements to complete their intestinal flora.

Such a practice is essential for Wildlife everywhere.

Predators, lions as example, exclusively carnivores can adapt, after being excluded from the pack with old age, on a strictly vegetarian diet by observing behavior of their previous prey.

As for us, humans, our intestine absorbs much more nutrients if we increase intake of fermented food.

Such one is abundant on the whole Planet and is easy to find with a bit of wit.

Also, an individual would be able to survive thus in the wilderness without planting crops.

This is how our ancestors were living thousands of years ago.

Many greens is poisonous.

Knowledge about our bountiful Earth is abundant, but contained in books, while observing wild animals is easy to practice by anyone.

Besides, cereals are grown only since five thousand years, and our forefathers before that time were lean and not suffering obesity epidemic.

It has been published many years ago that human gut can handle cellulose and store it as glycogen.