Vitamin D

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“Vikings believed that everything had its place and purpose; there was a deity for practically everything.”

Viking’s Faith.

Vitamin D is essential for health.

Lack of it causes many diseases, from growth disturbances in children and adolescents (Rickets), to Osteo-porosis and -malacia in adults, and especially elderly ones.

Naturally produced with sun exposition of skin, people deprived develop in old age hyperparathyroidism, with ensuing hyper-calcemia, bile and kidney stones, cardiac arrhythmias, organ calcifications and so forth.

Pale skins are sometimes at risk for cancer, especially after frequent sunburns (Prevalence of Melanoma in Australia).

Dark ones need more rays to attain necessary dose.

In Northern regions (Esquimoes) raw seafood consume can replace sunstrength.

Fish caught in warm waters is infested with parasites and needs cooking.

Otherwise liver cancer follows on the long run (South-East Asia).

Hence, supply of this Vitamin to persons who have neither possibility to receive it is practiced.

It is important to consider that all Nature is exposed to fluctuations, like the Oceans to high and low tide.

Thus, taking such pills through the year would need a break.

Otherwise bone becomes brittle, with too much crystals and sparse matrix.

Apposition of first happens naturally during summer, while in winter remodelling with more resorption and collagen restoring takes place.

Corticosteroid production (Collagen waste), on the other hand, plays a balancing role: – Higher during the good season, it abates in the bad one.

Also, excess of both elements is linked to psychiatric disorders.

“La Foi réunit ce que La Religion sépare.”

A poem.