Vegan Diet

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“Il faut manger pour vivre et non pas vivre pour manger.”

 Molière (1622–1673), French playwright, actor, and poet.

Vegan Diet

This is an extreme way of living.

As more and more young people feel attracted by it, it is primordial to gain some understanding for this topic.

Every food component introduced into the organism contributes to its homeostasis.

Similar ingredients in the body are thus built-up, and excess is burned-down.

Overall need depends on turn-over of organs involved on one side, and on expenditure on the other.

Eating lipids, for instance helps destroying unnecessary adiposity.

Excess input causes inflammation, with fibrotic body fat, while essential fatty acids, for instance fish oil, deploy anti-inflammatory properties.

Vegetables and fruit are rich in muco-polysaccharides, and thus help restoring cartilage of articulations.

Despite huge research, very little is known about muscles.

An extremely little quantity of amino-acids is necessary for maintenance of our lean body mass.

Requirement stays more on the side of physical activity in this respect.

Excess of protein intake is converted directly to glucose.

If this last one exceeds in quantity soring potential of liver, and muscles, it ends-up as body fat mass.

The same can be said for sugars and starches.

Because of absence of animal proteins in this diet, there is much less Allergy and Atopy between people on a Vegan regime.

Main issue here are various deficits, about which many practitioners are unaware.

Vitamins, essential fatty acids, and micro-elements, contained in abundance in current nutriments, are probably most important.

Taking special care for informing oneself before adopting this life-style is crucial.