A message from the sanitary crisis area

Yeah, this world has become a wide crisis scene.
It is rare that every second sentence pronounced on TV nowadays doesn’t contain the word: Coronavirus, or Covid-19!

Though, there is not a single living creature under the sun, which in interaction with others doesn’t receive an imprint of the other organism.
That’s what we observe with epidemics since centuries.
What we see now in such a tremendous proportion with this virus, is that it’s aggressiveness abates over the weeks.
From almost 20% mortality in the first few days (China), now, 4 months later, this parameter is reported to be under 2% (France).
How could this happen?
As you have probably heard there are many asymptomatic carriers of this infection.
Many have already healed from it.
Their body defenses turn probably the virus into a less lethal one (strain selection?), which mixes its genetic potential with the other more virulent ones, and results in above observed overall mortality rate. Which is in a sense equivalent to recombination used in vaccine production.

Apart from that, there are certainly many different strains from the same virus in its population.

Hence, we can speculate that asymptomatic carriers are infected with a less virulent one, which in contact with other persons, promotes immunity in their bodies against the whole of the epidemic.

So, what is the aim of confining and isolating people from each other? Does it have a sense?

I think certainly so! That is the effect, which we observe in Italy, second site of this pandemic.

While in France, (low mortality rate), country receiving foreigners only after prolonged restrictive measures, Italy has probably accepted many workers from first exposition in China, thus there we have to do with an intermediate severity of this epidemic.

Even more so concerning Germany! (<1% mortality rate)

Above all, serious cases manifest in a very peculiar presentation, with lung insufficiency. This is very different from other pneumonias! We call it pneumonitis.

Hence medical system of Italy is considered overwhelmed.

We must put this fact in the perspective, that there are only about 30 intensive care beds in a hospital with 1000 places, and from these only about 10 are equipped with a respiratory unit.

In Geneva, for instance, a canton of 400’000 people population, there are only 50 respiratory machines  available.

Of course you can understand that in respect of these facts even an industrialized country is not equipped to deal with such an epidemic. For the moment!


A lot has been said those last months about transmission of SARS.


Size of the Coronavirus is about 120 nm, similar to the one of seasonal Flu, which is about 80- 120 nm.

Such tiny particles remain as an aerosol suspension for indeterminate periods of time in air, breathed out by infected persons. (Micro-particles)

Thus, if you inspire the same air, you are at risk of catching the disease too.

Hence, you understand, a simple mask doesn’t provide a lot of protection, unless there is sneezing and coughing.

Recent news from the States reveals effectiveness of simple masks. This one probably owing to bigger agglomerates of this type of virus. (2021)


As a student in Medicine, I had courses in sterilization during the 1970ties at the University Hospital of Geneva. Our Professor at that time, whose name has gone unfortunately largely forgotten, had made extensive investigation in his area of responsibility.

Especially, he had been struck by the aggressiveness of hospital soaps for hand disinfection.

By examining bacterial growth on simple Petri boxes with his collaborators, he concluded that thorough disinfection is deleterious for one’s skin, and that as soon as there was a tiny lesion it was impossible to get rid of germs, even by very long washing.

Thus, he would advocate cleansing with very gentle solutions, or even with water alone.

The result would be no growth at all on Petri plates.

Since several years Almond oil cleansing solution is available in pharmacy under the brand Antidry.

As you can understand from previous text, an intact epidermal and sebum layer are best protection against any germ transmission.

If you are lacking soap or another desinfectant, washing with warm water would be probably enough. Soap by itself could harbour germs, and it is not anti-viral!

A major factor determining mortality and morbidity seems to be obesity.

As you might know this one is tightly linked to metabolic syndrome, which is pre-diabetes,  and immunity is stongly decreased with this pathology.


There are two sorts of immunity: cellular and humoral.

Immunoglobulins adress only second one, while viruses are largely combatted by first one.

This means many false negative immunologic tests, which adds to mass hysteria.


There is not a single branch spared by this pandemic.

As most states are injecting trillions in their econmy as supportive measure, the risk is a money devaluation in near future, and this concerning all currencies, to a tremendous amount. Inflation and economical crisis  would be the result. Some authorities consider already now that this crisis would kill more people than the Coronavirus.

Scanning by smartphones:

High precision GPS is reserved for military use: guide for missiles, drones, satellites and airplanes.

For civilian purpose precision doesn’t exceed 10 m.