The Brain

“The Good Lord Created the Body which Dwells in the Garden of Eden, and the Devil invented the flesh which leads to death.”

-As a poet would say.

A lot is known about this organ, its Complexity and Beauty.

Knowledge started probably with its Illnesses and Flaws.

Already centuries ago scientists’ opinion was that we think with it.

This prompted Native Americans to Laugh.

Nowadays some specialists consider that such a process involves rather the whole body as such, the Soma.

Thus, this unit is felt to be something like a huge ultimate Switch or an electrical Control Box, containing only wires. (Professor Werner Wichmann, Neuroradiologist, Zürich. )

“Traduttore – Traditore!”

-Say the Italians.

Which means as much as: “The translator is a traitor!”

Words and language travel through the same paths in the brain and trigger the same areas in each individual, but probably not the same somatic parts.

You can witness by yourself that when you say Sour, the word by itself refers to different body parts in each human, and that if you utter it in another language, agency changes.

Words in different languages can have several homonyms of different meaning.

Sour, for instance, translated Sauer in German can mean also to be Angry at someone.

Also, traditional sayings in distinct tongues, can not be fully translated.

People who practice Contemplation since a long time can tell you that language brings out all sorts of different images related to paroles.

I wonder whether Chinese Traditional Medicine can help us at better understanding of this dilemma.