Ebola, SARS and other Scarecrows

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“Bescheidne Wahrheit sprech ich dir. // Wenn sich der Mensch, die kleine Narrenwelt, // Gewöhnlich für ein Ganzes hält.” — Vers 1346 ff. / Mephistopheles

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German Poet and Natural Scientist, 1749- 1832).

Global Village is not a joke!

By moving in this new kind of system, nobody is able to predict, what it is.

As it is supposed to represent modernity, and not to have been tried before.

A joke!

– Because, says the philosopher, there is nothing new under the sun.

What does this saying mean?

Evolution is proceeding, if we believe in this project in Nature, from less well adapted individuals to environment, to better adapted species. (Charles Darwin, 19th century)

Though, if you try to understand this principle, you must admit, that humans are being improved as a species continually, but in a very slow manner.

Our culture, which we declare as modernity, is only a few centuries old, and has to do with industrialization process on the Planet,

Evolution, on the other hand is a much slower process, in whose logic you discuss not in centuries, not even in thousands of years, but in hundreds of thousands of years.

That is why, everything which is promoted by authority as new, is in fact old stuff for professional participants.

Why does a medical practitioner, like me, needs to adress all this in a blog?

Because, it has to do with a pathological frame, which is not even mentioned by governments.

Observe all this Asian population deambulating with face masks over the Planet, and especially in airports, as soon as news says something about a potential epidemic.

It has to do with a nasty error in human mind, called mass hysteria, and as such not only inefficient in its nature of action, but also deletery, keeping population from understanding the threat.

So, there is a real issue?

Yes, of course, but not in the logic exposed to public.

Though it concerns epidemics, it is not under control by medical practitioners.

We are consulted for its handling, but do not have the upper hand as to chosing solutions.

SARS, and probably also Ebola, are viruses which have existed since ever on our Globe.

Their spread in modern world has to do with ease of transportation, but also with a less well known aspect, avoided by specialists to be mentioned.

It has to do with collapse of our protection of Nature in modern society, allowing increasingly not only individuals, but whole populations to interact with Reservates, protected as such, or supposed to be protected by previously issued law systems and governments.

It has to do with intrusion of modern human in territories, occupied by protected species on Earth, and it has to do with increasing neglect not only of survival of wild life all over the Planet, but also with despise of existing law agreements.

This topic is carefully avoided by professional journalists, who claim not to know anything about it.

As soon, as an epidemic declares itself, governmental authority starts interacting, but not in a logical manner, rather espousing structure of mass hysteria herself.

Thus, recent claims, that Ebola virus kills 70% of exposed subjects.

Everyone is scared!

Why is it a fallacy?

Because it neglects true nature of every threat!

What we, humans, consider a danger, is a project of Mother Nature.

Providing a safe manner of her logic, has to do with promoting the more apt individuals to keep up with better adaptation to environment.

Any so-called threat in Nature, has to do with the figure of the Tiger in human deep psychology.

So, you would ask:

– What does a tiger?

– A species from wild life, on the border of extinction…

– What does it have to do with a deadly virus?

– Who is the Tiger in our psychological frame?

It is depicted by all our ancestry as a dangerous predator,

The Man Eaters from Kumaon, still a best seller!

But also any old tales depict its dangerosity to our species.

Look at its size!

Admire its strength!

Nobody can escape it!

As such, not only the Tiger, but we consider every individual in society, if more donated than others, by extension of this logic, as dangerous.

What do specialists say about this topic?

The tiger is only exceptionally a man-eater!

As long, as it is in good health, it is not even interested in workers of the woods.

They attract its attention, only if they are hunting the same prey.

Let me explain you!

Being a tiger is a highly dangerous job!

This individual must not only be strong beyond measure, it is also a highly intelligent and cunning animal.

Its way of life is much more dangerous, than our human life on earth.

Its capabilities, because of its way of nutrition, which consists only of meat;

Are no match for physical capabilities of its natural preys.

His preys are all vegetarian animals;

As such, their nutrition consists of high carbohydrate regimes;

Making them by far faster than the tiger.

The tiger, being on high protein regime, is stronger, and powerful, but also heavier, and can sustain a velocity similar to the ones of his preys only for seconds.

If the other animals are in good health, the tiger has no chance to catch any one of them, as their capabilities in fast movement and endurance are much higher than the ones of this hunter.

Thus, after every kill, which provides him with a limited measure of meat, he must not only restore reserves of his body, but also improve its agility, by implementing a time of leaning down, and several days of fasting.

His preys are to more than 80% ill or disabled individuals.

Thus, he can eat only a small meal first, because the illness of his prey, could not only make him sick, but also kill him, as it is frequently contagious.

So, he leaves his prey in the bushes, waiting, that any virus or bacterial disease present, would be overhauled with commensal growth, of less dangerous germs.

Later, consume is no more possible, because of decay, which becomes again fatal.

Mythical figure of the Tiger is present in Europe, though this species is extinct in our countries since thousands of years.

But, we have as Europeans, an alternative to it.

This is the Wolf!

Again, a predatory animal, or declared as such by our mythology!

There is still a small number of it in the Alps, and peasants publish frequently an article in our home newspapers, asking authority to permit them to hunt the wolf.

Professionals, mainly biologists, have substantiated our society with extensive information about this animal.

Not only it is not dangerous to us, humans, but its role is essential for controlling population of small rodents.

Occasionally the peasant publishes on the News, claiming that this animal has killed ten of his sheep.

The wolf does it occasionnally, as a matter of fact!

But not in order to eat this prey, though he also tastes it!

His instinct orders him, to teach his cubs how to kill a bigger animal.

These skills are essential for his  survival.

Straying dogs, frequently in packs, are more often killing domestic animals, and being bigger than the wolf, he is frequenty no match for them.

Our peasants should be instructed, that if they lose from time to time some sheep, they earn a lot more, from the presence of wolves in their vicinity, as cultures of any kind produce much more crop, if this predator is allowed to limit population of rodents.

In fact, wolves live exclusively on this kind of prey, most of the time rats and mice.

There was a biologist from the North American Continent, who in  order to prove this fact, ate nothing else for more than a year in the wilderness.

He consumed them raw and whole, with intestines and content, and remained in best health, without any nutritional deficit.

In the eighties a movie was published about this adventure to receive wider acceptance and recognition.

Now, what about viruses!

Who is killed by them?

Pretension, that Ebola kills 70% of population contracting it, has to do with disinformation!

Who is afraid from Virginia Wolf?

Title of an old movie!

Be it Ebola, SARS, or any other virus, kill mainly, if not exclusively people in poor health!

Whence the confusion, then?

It comes from us, medical practitioners from all countries!

We are obliged in our daily practice to declare every single individual as being in good health, though we are convinced of the opposite.

Me, I am working as radiologist, and I must declare an X-Ray of lungs as normal, because the guy has two lungs and a heart, though enveloped in six inches of subcutaneous fat, frequently without any physical activity at all.

My colleague, a general practitioner, would do the same, as long as blood glucose is normal at fasting.

In fact, we both know, that this fellow has pre-diabetes, so-called metabolic syndrome, which is accompanied by extensive reduction of immune response.

And this, years, and tens of years, before we declare him or her as diabetic!

So, you would say, if a mask does not protect me from contracting viruses of all kind, as they are transmitted by breathing same air as infected persons;

How can I protect myself?

Counseling public about health is the main topic of my site and my books.

Modern life is anything but healthy!

There is professional stress, modern hysteria, family crisis, and all sorts of other issues we must handle in our daily life.

But, everyone can at least improve ones health!

It is sufficient, that you take the decision on this topic.

– 1. Cut away unhealthy sugar from alimentation!

– 2. Increase physical activity! (At least one hour of walking every day!)

– 3. Eat more healthy meals!

That means increase slow and very slow carbohydrates and vegetables, and decrease fast ones and meat!

Severity of disease

This has been most crucial question, frequently remaining without a precise answer from professionals.

As you know, immunity deficits are  responsible for lethal cases.

Immunity can be impaired in many situations.

Occasional death of young patients raises though a serious question.

In my practice as a radiologist, I have been impressed by the high prevalence of steatohepatitis.

This entity is defined as Diabetes mellitus type 2, and as type 1 is recognized to reduce immunity.

Another aspect of Modern Society is Overpopulation, against which governments, as well as individuals, are disarmed.

This one leads to fast spread of easily transmitted diseases, like viral infections.

For many of those already exists evidence for a strong link with growing prevalence of autoimmune and neoplastic illnesses.

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