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“The Buddhist work ethic is one that holds a spiritual calling to improve the world, using practices like meditation and mindfulness to work more effectively.” 

Buddhist Philosophy. 

This page is dedicated to my cleaning-woman Maroucha, who cured my sinusitis for the first time many years ago with lemon juice (consulted ENT specialist did not have this idea). Hence she gave me the incentive to look for a better treatment than antibiotics for this ailment.

-Prevalence of sinusitis is increasing all over the Globe.

Pollution of air, but also ease of transportation and confluence of agglomerations are main factors for this evolution.

Sinus disease is frequently poorly understood by professionals, and accordingly treatment is seldom correctly applied.

Following short text describes a new treatment of this disease, not yet published in dedicated literature.

It also exposes physio-pathology of disease and therapy. 

An exception is Covid-19 virus, as it promotes a more protracted dry inflammation of sinuses, almost without secretions. 

Among general population and in temperate climates, frequency of viral sicknesses is highest in November and February (Northern Hemisphere, Switzerland).

Involved patients can witness that sinus disease is more frequent in autumn and spring, for instance.

There are probably two reasons to be considered here:

First, with cooling common cold becomes prevailing (Mycoplasma pneumoniae is easily transmitted and ubiquitous).

This germ enhances viral disorders.

Second, last ones are poorly spread by air in frosty weather, and better during milder season.

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