Dental plaque

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Native Hawaiian Culture.

Dental plaque is the main cause of receding gums and tooth caries.

Hygienists can remove the excess of it.

Staphylococcus aureus

First, about 30 years ago appeared articles about intra-cellular survival of this bug, in sinus cavities of the head.

We understood little at that time what it meant.

Staphylococcus aureus is the only germ able to survive potent skin solvents, which are soaps and shampoos! 

This is The Main Agent of Dental Plaque!

You would ask:

What is the result on environment? 

Guess twice!

Our blue-green Planet is morbid.

And us too!

Soaps are between the most potent antimicrobials on Earth.


They spare you a warm pleasant bath in the morning.

No need for hot water!

No vigorous rubbing necessary!

They allow for a short lukewarm showering without any exercise!

Other drawbacks

As a result, your neighbor in the bus is still half asleep.

Your underarm is stinking again in the afternoon. 

And you need some deodorant to keep up with your working day schedule.


But mouth bactericides are not an exception.

Staphylococcus aureus is probably not only main constituent of dental plaque, as we already know, but it could be also its first promoter.


The part of proof about efficiency of cleaning oneself without soaps is simple.

Already my professor in Medical School 40 years ago showed us results of his experiments in hygiene.

He used an amazingly simple, but efficient material for this analysis.

Petry boxes, which he scraped with the hands of his staff, before washing, and after cleaning with soap or water alone.

Washing method

Soap was superior in this experiment over water alone for only 1 %.

At that time, he was mentioning this research for another purpose.

Establishment, which always has the upper hand in University, as elsewhere, imposed extremely aggressive detergent in all lavatories in University Hospital of Geneva.

Negative effect

Guess the result of those products.

Small ridges and wounds on hands of all people involved in this msyophobia therapy.

And as soon as the skin was no more intact, nothing could prevent growing of bacteria on it!

And on thus scraped Petry boxes!

One solution

And you would ask:

What is the alternative?

Reinventing the old way of Native Americans, who pretended that we are part of Nature and should live our lives with it, rather than against it!

Greeks of Old and our ancestors used oil, olive oil for instance to rub one’s skin.

A natural sponge or some brush also possibly from non-synthetic material would do.

Essential for this type of washing is a bath, a warm bath which would dissolve the oily material. 

And vigorous rubbing too!

One drop in every nostril would do.


This almond oil is sold in pharmacies in Switzerland and widely prescribed by doctors since many years.


For this part of your body, you can produce your own toothpaste out of oil and some abrasive material.

I chose sunflower oil, added one volume to one to talc, that does the job. Talc is the softest mineral, with level 1 on Mohs hardness scale, and one can scratch it with one’s nail.

But there have appeared many more replacements of toothpaste on Internet.

One of them is composed of ashes.

Using an electrical toothbrush would help the extra rubbing needed.

I would advise to double cleaning time and have a regular checking with your dentist.


Discarding all sweets from one’s regime is essential to prevent tooth holes.

Consider ketogenic diet, if you like it, as this would take away further risk of caries!

Or, switching from Starches to Fiber-Carbohydrates can do the job very well.

Vitamin B12

Adding some injectable to this self-made toothpaste would prevent gum irritation, and to big extent plaque deposition.

As to practical advice, I add 2 vials (2000 microg) to 50 g Talc (1.76 oz), mixed it with vegetal oil till consistency like toothpaste.


Here my daughter uses vinegar and oil.