Food improvement of immunity

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“Peace comes from within.”

Buddhism, The Buddha (c. 450BC). 

Some clue indicates that prevalence of autoimmune disease has increased since wide use of fridges and ingestion of mainly fresh or sterilized food. 

Though many germs developing on food are deletary to our immune system and overall health, some, for instance mold of rye bread (Professor Gaston Turian, Mycologist, 1977, Geneva) and cheese, can be salutary. 

The ones growing on meat should be definitely discarded. 

For many infectious diseases there are few conventional treatments.

Germs become resistant with time to drugs.

Thus, the importance of a natural therapy, combatting fungus and viruses as well.

Alicine is contained in uncooked garlic.

Resveratrol: in red wine and red, dark grapes.

Quercetine: in fresh vegetables, salad, fresh onions, red tomatoes (bio, if possible) etc.

Cucurmine: in Curcuma administered with Ginger or black pepper for absorption.

Avoid by all means sugar!

Eat less starches and consume more vegetables and fruit!

Eat less meat, prefer pourltry, and even better fish! 

It is important to observe ancient table traditions. 

In French one, for instance, servings start with a fresh salad, continue with a second, a soup, then main dish, which is accompanied usually with wine, most of the time red, and end with a dessert and cheese. 

Saying goes like this: “Laissez une petite place pour le fromage!”