Save Our Heritage!

We are the earth, made of the same stuff; there is no other, no division between us and “lower” or “higher” forms of being. 

Estella Lauder

The Earth once so bountiful is progressively impoverished, and poisoned.

Overexploitation and aggressiveness of a Culture with a military mind, a lot of weed disappears.

Excessive industrial fertlizers and pesticides render our soil less friendly.

If we observe Cultures of Old, their adequacy in this respect is sometimes simply amazing.

Hebrews, for instance, would respect a break in farming of land every seventh year. The Shabbat!

Turning the ground for this laps of time permitted to nitrogen to penetrate deeply, and rain would complete the task to enrich the field.

Under Mao Chinese endured huge famine, and undertook extensive natural compost.

Deforestation for increase of crop, is another issue. Amazon rainforest is frequently mentioned as the lung of the Planet.

Its fragility is proverbial. Nutrients in the thin cover of earth are sparse, and allow new herbage for only short periods.

Wild exploitation has been main feature during Soviet Regime, and remains still preponderant in many countries.

Pine nuts are harvested in extensive forests in Europe and Asia by breaking off whole branches, or even falling trees.

Such short-sighted policy is just despairing. Voices all over the Globe make themselves heard about Permanent Agriculture respecting the Ecosystem.

This is an immense concern for us all!

Bark of giant pinetree forests can be used for food without destroying them. Such approach would provide for further Billion population growth, and combat hunger.

At beginning of twentieth century there were found more than three hundred sorts of wild apples, and seventy of pears in Western Europe.

Many were naturally resistant to pests.

Nowadays you can find only a few on the Market.

Swapping different trees in a plantation obviates necessity for insecticides.

Variety of our fields is of utter importance!