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“En somme vous etes le seul à ne pas etre Dreyfusard!”

Answer of Emile Zola (French Writer, 1840-1902) to Alfred Dreyfus (French Officer and Polytechnician, 1859-1935) during “L’Affaire Dreyfus, culminating point 1899”.  

Most fruit has a laxative action, big exceptions being ripe bananas and blueberries, which are constipating.

Blonde psyllium, one teaspoon diluted in water after each meal, is also a useful adjunct for prevention of clogged colon. 

Raw Sauerkraut and especially its brine possess strong laxative properties. Bio products are preferable. 

We (Bulgarians) eat raw Sauerkraut as a salad, prepared with vegetal oil and paprika. 

Chronic constipation favors colon  cancer. Hence, importance in prevention. 

Prebiotics, which is fibers, and probiotics, which is fermented food (Cheese, Yoghurt for instance), play a central role in this topic.