Obesity epidemic and diet

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“We further believe that Native traditions affirm the presence of God, our need for right relationship with our Creator and the world around us, and a call for holy living.” 

The Native Americans. 

Obesity epidemic is main health issue in industrialized countries.

Medical authority adresses it with dieting.

Recent observation and publications on this topic contradict such practice.

Nothing is more deletary to humans, than excessive alimentary restrictions.

Advices by specialists are also contradictory, as there is no unified doctrine on this topic.

Old elements, like the calorie counting, are obviously not only deletary to our bodies, but also inefficient to establish normal stature again.

As to linking this practice with exercise, such a modality promotes sooner or later joint injuries and precludes continuation in most experimental subjects.

Exhibition on internet concerns only exceptions, which so-called trainers promote proudly as medalists on TV and on every single media that exists.

Let me explain you how it functions.

Exercise promotes in all tissues tiny ruptures, be it muscle fibers, bone lamellae or tendon and ligament fibers.

At rest more solid tissue is constructed at those places.

Hence you can observe muscle hypertrophy, for instance.

Provided you give the body all necessary elements for its construction or rather reconstruction.

If instead, you deplete it in essential nutritional elements, no miracle, reconstruction can fail!

Thus tragedies, and consultation of orthopedic surgeons and other specialists for weak articulations.

Other issue of dieting is its esthetic aspect.

You can see on internet hundreds of examples of it, people who would need the plastic surgeon, – another specialist!

Let me explain you shortly this topic:

Obesity is due to hormonal inefficiency and disregulation;

Especially resistance of insulin receptors!

Depriving the body of fuel, and especially glucose, promotes hypo-glycemia;

A very deletary situation, not only for the limbs, but also for the whole body, inclusive your brain.

Normal physiological reaction would be to prevent it!

Thus your body would not resort to using fat tissue, but would start using finest elements, which are supportive in structure.

– Especially collagen, which contains a small amount of glucose, apart from muscle and other proteins.

After a few months of this treatment, or rather mishandling, to which you would not subject your home pet, be it cat or dog;

Everything is falling down!

Breast in women first, but also all that superfluous skin in both genders.

You would ask about any alternative?

It would be sufficient to avoid hypo-glycemia.

– Dieting is out!

– Changing eating habits and lifestyle are in!

Do not aim at losing more than 1 kg (2 pounds) per month!

Implement little by little anaerobic exercise, as this would increase glycogen reserves in muscle, and would counteract metabolic disease efficiently,

Then switch from deletary eating habits, to healthier ones:

– First eliminate sugar stuff!

– Second reduce proteins, especially red meat!

– Proceed little by little, as adaptation of your body needs time!

– Reduce carbs progressively, switching from fast ones to slow ones, then super-slow ones! 

– Curtailing starches to a minimum is usually sufficient to cure obesity. 

– Do not get up from table being hungry!

– Eat green salad, vegetables, and fruit, instead!

– Introduce raw vegetal oil in your diet, as this would allow for more efficient use of fat reserves!


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