Acne and Hygiene

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“Wise men do not judge – they seek to understand.”

Zen Buddhism.

Acne has been a problem in adolescents, as long as I remember.

Curiously, ancient litterature ignores such a topic. 

How come?

Since discovery and use of soap for one’s hygiene, humans have selected strains of resistant or even aggressive bacterias on their skin.

The result is prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus in dermatologic flora, on behalf of more friendly Staphylococcus epidermidis.

First one provokes thickening and inspissation of secretions, wherever it is present.

– Be it in depth of sebaceous glands of skin (primary site of acne), or in para-nasal sinuses,

– It interferes with fluidity of secretions, and causes acne on this first site, and chronic sinusitis in the second.

Washing with less aggressive soaps (Antidry for instance), or even simply with vegetal oil, would promote friendlier germs on one’s skin. 

Extra rubbing of whole body in your bath activates blood flow, and keeps longer clean, preventing obnoxious smell from decaying sweat.   

The only draw-back:

– It needs a few days to change flora of epidermis with this treatment, but weeks and months to modify it in sebaceous gland’s depth.

One problem in women is their long hair. But many young girls use alternative methods to wash and my daughter, for instance, uses vinegar. 

Eye Stye and Chalazion: 

Similar can be said for this topic. ( Eyelid Meibomian, and eyelashes Moll’s and Zeis glands obstruction. )

Some people suffer from it frequently, which becomes really annoying. 

This ailment has no therapy in conventional medicine. 

Specialists prescribe usually an antibiotic ointment, which is of no help, but disease is self-limited. 

In rare cases surgical intervention is warranted. 

Its recurrences disappear if you wash without soap ( for instance with Antidry instead ). 

Gentle massage of the lids edges and eyelashes with a hemp glove, eyes closed, while avoiding pressure on eyeballs, adds advantage.  


Similar can be said here. 

Long hair may be washed with wine, vinegar, oily solutions (Antidry), or Yoghurt. 

Untangling it  with a comb and brush  is to be warranted. 

Applying black cumin oil (Nigella sativa L.) nourishes the skin, stimulates blood flow and counteracts mushrooms and molds (Beware Allergy!). 

Avoid by all means the eyes, as this solution is very irritating and can cause lid edema of several days duration!  

Massage of scalp with a rough glove (Hemp for instance) adds to cleanness. 

For men it helps preventing and treating baldness. 


Staphylococcus aureus is main component of dental plaque and cause of tooth caries. 

For this part of your body, you can produce your own toothpaste out of oil and abrasive material.

I chose sunflower oil, added one volume to one to talc, which does the job.

Talc is the softest mineral, with level 1 on Mohs hardness scale, and one can scratch it with one’s nail.

But there have appeared more replacements of toothpaste on Internet.

One of them is composed of ashes. (Wood-ashes)

Using an electrical toothbrush would help the extra rubbing needed.

I would advise to double cleaning time and have a regular checking with your dentist. 

Discarding all sweets from one’s regime is essential to prevent tooth holes.

Consider ketogenic diet, if you like it, as this would take away further risk of caries! (No Starches.)

Adding Vitamin B12 to this self-made toothpaste would prevent gum irritation, and to big extent plaque deposition.

As to practical advice, I add two vials (two thousand microg) to 50 g Talc (1.76 oz), mixed with vegetal oil untill desired consistency. 

Eating fermented food (cheese, yoghurt, etc.) at the end of the meal colonizes your oral cavity and intestines with favorable flora. 


Recent publications disclose association of gynecological cancer with talc use. On the opposite side, there has been no increase in lung carcinoma ratio between miners.

Since more than half a century are known cases of such neoplasia in silicosis. Reason was unclear at that time.

Now we know about co-occurrence of asbestos and silica. Such an information makes all abrasive material, and thus most toothpastes suspect.

There are reports about carcinogens in burnt food.

Hence, if you want to stay on the safe side, brush your teeth only with water. Yoghurt, vinegar, and wine would also be good.

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