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“I decided to be happy because it is good for health.”

Voltaire, Artist, Philosopher, Playwright, Writer, Poet and Humanist (1694-1778).

Purpose of title
As many colleagues have already produced numerous texts on this topic, but large public is split between many doctrines, I decided to try finding the link between those.

Body fat is considered nowadays an organ on its own.

It interacts with the rest of the organism through neuro-humoral pathways.

Food intake in sufficiency tells this structure to secrete leptin, as existing cells have been replenished with new fuel.

Excessive eating produces new fat cells.

At first secreted leptin abates with time, as this newly constituted tissue requires energy.

Turn-over of all morphology has a side of expenditure and an opposite one of restoring.

Hence, appetite lower at first increases after 24-48 hours and longer if you continue introducing enormous amounts.

Proteins ingested in exuberance are transformed into glucose.

This one, as well as starches overload fill at first glycogen repository in liver and muscle, but surplus is converted to lipid, which is integrated into lard.

 Our bowel produces less methane if we add more probiotics to our nutrition, and hence derives fewer bloating. 

Intake discrepancy, with more prebiotics, which is fibers, than probiotics, which is favorable germs, leads to increase in gas generation.