Soaps and skin hygiene

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“Now that you know All, blessed art you if you practice It!” 

John 13:17. 

Did you know, that chronic sinusitis was almost unknown in ancient Greece?


My booklet tells you the reason.

Aggressive soaps have had a tremendous influence on our culture and medical history.

Aiming at cleaning the skin with potent chemistry makes aggressive and multi-resistant germs dominant in our bodies.

Everything with measure, would say philosopher from ancient Greece.

If hygiene is essential in our daily life, using potent chemicals for this aim, instead of gentle solvents and oils, accompagnied by vigorous rubbing, has several negative results:

– The first, on skin integrity, which can be disrupted.

In nowadays’ culture, there are facilities, which propose massage.

Our ancestors invented them, as a recreative break, which permitted them to relax after days and weeks of washing with olive oil, where intensive mechanical abrasion was a part of the task, provided by the user, himself/herself.

And, by the way, soaps are one of main reasons for pollution of water.

If our home soaps can be handled in Nature, this only to a certain amount, which is not the case for more potent industrials.

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