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“The Spirit is King, the Spirit is Slave, the Spirit feeds the ducks, the Spirit serves always.”

Bulgarian saying

Purpose of Title

A huge amount of knowledge is available to scientists in our century, and it is steadily increasing.

Despite of this fact, outsiders seldom reach an overview, if ever.

I tried to sum-up in a few simple words general features.


Table Culture of old here teaches us a lot of wisdom in this field. Fiber-Carbohydrates, and Fats, here seasoned salad, soup, and entrée come first, and main dish -second.

Liquid intake is essential for life. Coffee at breakfast, and a nice, warm soup is an essential part of meals. Heating accelerates digestion.

Wine, possibly red (Antioxidant properties of Resveratrol), belongs usually to main dish.

This one and Brandy contain mold, mushrooms, and bacteria essential for constituting favorable gut flora but unfold a sterilizing effect.

Hence, delicate components with precious germs, are served last. “Gardez une petite place pour le fromage!” – Say French people.

Two liters of liquid every day is a good rule. This value must be elevated in case of high surrounding temperatures or sweating. Twenty percent of contribution is due to solid food. Sweets are served as last course. Fruit would do the job.

Observe sweetness of this one, as fructose has same inconvenience, as glucose, causing fatty liver.

Small berries contain more antioxidants and should be consumed whenever possible.

For instance, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberry, cranberry, boysenberry, lingonberry, elderberry, etc.

Ice-creams cool down the organism and thus prolongate digestion.

An after-dinner drink accelerates it. Again, this one should be chosen between natural ingredients, which contribute to intestinal flora.

Exotic food is expensive and means huge kerosene and fuel investment. CO2 release in atmosphere, and global warming is the result.

Hence, I prefer local, seasonal products. For antioxidants abounding brands sell pills. One, which I like is Bilberry extract ( ).

French people enjoy the highest life expectancy in Europe. They use to have a glass of red wine at main meals.

Resveratrol content of this one is a potent antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory, and non-specific anti-microbial properties.

It combats also obesity, and increases metabolism.

Besides their country is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Hence, a high consume of fresh seafood.

Another favorable factor for their longevity is adjunction of molded cheese as last serving. This acts against autoimmune disease.

Important raw vegetal oil utilization is another supportive parameter.

Recent scientific reports demonstrate increase in colon cancer ratio with higher alcohol consume.

This is probably related to sterilizing effect, killing gut flora.

Hence, importance to repopulate this one with friendly germs.

Here comes the advantage of French Table Culture, with fermented cheese as last serving.

Thus, probiotics are essential for health!