Impotence in elderly male

Do_not_give_up_your__Cover_for_Kindle (3)Missing_Links_in_Phy_Cover_for_Kindle (1)

Aging population has always had it’s ailments.

Viagra and Cialis have represented a huge progress in this area.

Unfortunately, as most (or all medicine?), they do not treat the problem at it’s root, but provide only temporary relief of it’s symptoms.

The result is huge queueing in front of the urologist’s office, for chronic or recurrent prostatitis.

– Backstage of this success story!

What people understand under growing old, is most of the time it’s manifestations on their health;

– Which are not doomed to be, but just the result of one’s lifestyle, especially sedentary life.

Sexual drive, as well, as function of all parts of the body, is dependent on one’s basal metabolic rate.

– This value can be improved substantially by regular physical activity, especially strength training.

As a result, you can enjoy not a rejuvenating effect (such a pill does not exist yet), but you can drop your Viagra or Cialis, and say good-bye to your specialist for prostate gland.

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