Influencing male-female gender ratio

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“Contre la médisance il n’est point de rempart.”

Le Tartuffe, Molière (French Writer, Actor and Director, 1622-1673).

Male fertility:

History: It is known since a long time, that environmental temperature influences fertility. In Middle Age Japanese Archipel became to such a point overcrowded, that authority had to act on growth of population. Methods were sometimes crude and inhumane. Peasants resorted to natural means for controlling births. They implemented heated elements into their intimate garments at night. Some sources indicate Okinawa as probable origin of this method.

Medicine: One of main limitations observed by medical doctors when searching for factors of infertility in a couple is so-called varicocele. This is a lace of dilated veins around male left testicle, which elevate by 1-2° C temperature of scrotum. In fact only left testicle is affected, but influence results on both of them. Male fertility is tightly linked to outward position of testicles. Wearing snug and warm clothes would lower thus noticeably this factor. On the contrary a skirt, worn by Scottisch traditionalists would increase not only fertility, but also would influence gender ratio in population, obliging many Scottisch men to marry partners  from another country.

In this logic you would find inversion of male-female gender in industrialized countries. When i started practicing medicine, about 30 years ago, female gender in childbirth was slightly dominant, by about 5%. Now we observe inversion of this ratio, male gender being more represented by about 3-4%. Thirty years ago, being specialist of ultrasound, I would observe with this method a varicocele in almost 60% of male population. Now this percentage has dropped to about 30%.

Pathophysiology of varicocele: Its determinant is so-called nut cracker syndrome. Well known to specialists in Radiology, it is depicted on images of the upper abdomen as dilatation of left renal vein, this vessel being compressed between upper mesenteric artery and abdominal aorta. Left spermatic vein draining in left renal vein, would be enlarged, would drain less well, and ends up with a varicocele around lower part of left testicle. Etiology of the whole pathological system is depletion of visceral fat in upper abdomen, which keeps vessels from impinging on one another, and all this situation is promoted by dieting.

Influence of Obesity Epidemic: Forty years ago, yougsters were not more astute than nowadays. Alimentary habits were different, almost nobody resorting to an extra meal in the morning or afternoon. The result: Youngsters were not stronger, but leaner. Hence more nut cracker syndromes.

Nowadays obesity has struck also far away from its predilection site!

Even Youths are today frequently obese: Hence less varicoceles!

And, inversion of male-female gender ratio in growing population.

Modernity and Fallacies in Global Village:

Professionals of all horizons claim increasingly that publications are misleading and communication era is rather equal to promotion of disinformation.

News reports for instance about rapes in India!

– Isn’t there an issue about selecting more boys than girls at birth?

Hence the aim of this short page!

There is a natural means of birth control and influencing gender of children, without resorting to complex techniques and medical practitioners.

Sperm production:

Fertility in a male is dependent on many factors, but main one being probably temperature to which is submitted the scrotum.

Higher temperature means lesser vigor of produced sperm, and more X-sperm, as this one is more resistant to heat, than Y-sperm.

Thus, you can influence easily your family planning!

If you have a small varicocele on left testicle, this would mean that your couple would have more girls than boys at birth.

Japanese experience with this topic points at the fact, that even short increase of testicle  temperature for 3-4 hours per day has a definite effect on fertility and gender determination of children at birth.

A simple hot-cold pack bought in any pharmacy of the Planet would provide you with an efficient device for inverting this ratio, or at least equalizing it.

– As our modern philisophy claims about equal rights of gender, and after modern statistics, we are more than 90% of population to adhere to such a political project.

(As an alternative, urologists propose operation of varicocele. )

Spermiogenesis: Sperm needs about 3 months to mature (100 days, and nights…).

Thus, if your couple desires a boy, you should start with cooling your testicles at night for 3-4 hours, during 3 months, before trying to have an off-spring.

Caution: Nothing in Nature is 100%. Reliability of this method is evaluated at about 70-80%. If no other factors are involved in your case, this would mean that by cooling of testicles you would have 3 boys out of 4 children, and by warming them up, you would end with 3 girls out of 4 kids.

It would be easy to construct an adjustable device for men’s scrotum, which lowers temperature, and can be regulated around 20°C.

Higher ones would be better than the birth control pill (The Pill).

Statistics would thus provide precision with time.

This would avoid so many voluntary pregnancy interruptions, with unnecessary risk for mother and child.

It will solve also few fertility issues.

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