Skin Fissures

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Skin fissures are most common in frosty weather, but can be encountered also with excessive use of aggressive soaps, desinfectants and detergents.

Esquimoes probably did suffer this ailment because of high consumption of fresh, raw fish.

Once, it was treated with some efficiency with Vitamin A cremes.

Nutrition in modern society is largely deficient in essential fatty acids.

Since several decades physicians recommend Olive Oil.

This one contains Omega 9, but no 3 and 6.

For Omega 3 you need Linen Oil, possibly cold-pressed, and for Omega 6 Safflower Oil.

Last one is a small cactus and there is no way to extract fat from it without heating.

Sunflower and Colza oil contain both acids, but to variable proportions.

Fresh fish contains Omega 3, but as soon you cook it, it is gone.

Beware of raw seafood, as it transmits parasites if coming fom warm waters.

Such consumption is most common etiology of liver cancer in South-East Asia.

Supplementation of those products can prevent a lot of diseases, and heal skin fissures, as described before.

Adjunct of Vitamin A accelerates curing.

Alimentary supplements work well, but simply fruit does the job as well.

Most efficient are oranges! Eat the white part as well, as this eases digestion.

French people say: “L’orange est de l’or le matin, de l’argent à midi, et du plomb le soir!