Vitamin B12 Deficit

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“All things end in the Tao just as the small streams and the largest rivers flow through valleys to the sea. “

Lao Tzu.

In order to be absorbed by the small intestine, this vitamin abundant in food needs to become linked to the so-called “intrinsic factor” secreted by the stomach.

Unfortunately the parietal cells of this organ degenerate with advancing age, and B12 is excreted to bigger proportions in stool.

This one is the most prevalent autoimmune disease.

Hence, the lack in our organism.

For diagnosis dosage of the product in blood is not sufficient, as levels remain for long periods in normal range.

Measuring of methylmalonic acid or homocysteine remains mandatory.

Result is degeneration of posterior columns of spinal cord and neuropathy.

An advanced process is claimed irreversible, which I personnaly doubt.

It can be stopped with parenteral injections of this vitamin.

A good action is to implement also folic acid (B9) by mouth, those two components being complementary, and frequently both lacking.

Deformities of joints results, with morcellation of cartilage and later bone, called Charcot’s or neuropathic articulations.

Those are most pronounced where longest nerves are involved, that is the feet, and to a lesser degree the knees.

Paraparesis and paraplegia are also common.

Progressive scoliosis and cyphosis in the elderly can ensue.