Brain aneurysms and arterio-venous malformations

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“Mathematics reveals its secrets only to those who approach It with Pure Love, for its own Beauty.”

Archimedes, Greek Scientist of Antiquity,

Born c. 287 BC in Syracuse, Sicily, Died 212 BC. 

A lot has been published about this topic, but the better part is  probably still to discover.

As Professor Pierre Lasjaunias would express as a hope in his lectures more than 25 years ago, some day we would have a pill to treat those diseases.

Though etiology is largely unknown, several genetic associations are acknowledged, which have in common wall thinning and weakening of structures. (Wikipedia) 

A similar etiology could concern the Moyamoya disease with its impressive puff of smoke sign

Prevalence of those ailments is low in children and increases with progressive age. Hence we can suspect a nutritional factor.

Vessel walls are largely made up of connective and elastic tissue, in which lipids are an essential element.

Thus, a deficit in essential fatty acids can be main responsible factor. (Omegas 3, 6, 7, 9…) 

Nutrition in modern industrialized society is largely lacking those ones. 

Omegas 3 and 6 could be most important. 

As main source of those I propose to my patients Linen oil (cold pressed possibly) for first one and Safflower oil for second.