Letter to all fishermen

Hello out there!

I am a fish lover. I eat a lot of it.

I have been obsessed by images of killing thuna: Those big ocean beauties!

And have been wondering since years whether there isn’t a more humane way of ending their wordly journey?

Their gills make their circulatory system easily attainable to gaz solutions in water.

Probably even a weak CO2 solutiion in salty water could promote gaz emboli in those giants???

Would there be a lot of suffering from too many CO2-bubbles in water?

Carbonarcosis in humans is a  well known entity. This could be the result here, in fish.

Rapidity of death would depend probably largely on concentration of NaH2CO3 in water?

In humans gaz emboli kill within seconds to minutes.

Remains to see how tastes fish flesh after such treatment.

Well, advocates of fast killing are proposing aggressive measures because of lactic acidosis avoidance.

If so, chemists might propose other components, which could bring O2, instead of CO2 to fish blood circulation. (?)

Personally I don’t know, whether for instance H2O2, in adapted concentrations, could do the job.

The issue here is that O–, and HO- is very corrosive to all tissues.

Thus, I think, such a procedure would increase lactic acid concentration in fish flesh.