Psoriasis arthritis

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“The root of suffering is attachment.”


Psoriasis arthritis is frequent, and presents mostly with small peripheral bone erosions in interphalangeal joints of hands and feet.

10-15% of this ailment are present in absence of psoriasis itself, as a skin disorder.

Family history is almost always positive!

Several treatments are available from specialists.

Ensuing deformity of hands in old age has frequently to do with concomitant chondrocalcinosis.

As almost 50% of our population, in industrialized countries, above 50 has minor manifestations of pseudo-gout (chondrocalcinosis);

These 2 diseases mingle in patients and are difficult to distinguish one from the other, as they both interest same parts of skeleton.

Chondrocalcinosis is nothing else than a metabolic disease, owing to high protein intake and sedentary lifestyle.

Avoiding those 2 parameters improves tremendously bouts of pseudo-gout.

As to psoriasis arthritis, it is an auto-immune disorder, with genetic predisposition.

If we understand pretty well rhematoid arthritis nowadays, another articular disease, which is auto-immune in origin, but concerns largely seric immunity, that is condition is tightly linked to autoantibodies in blood;

We (medical practitioners) are still  at the beginning of understanding cellular immunity;

– And in similarity have little knowledge about immune diseases of this lineage;

Recent publications state that venom of several species of insects can help in this situation.

Most known is bee venom.

The study proposes two to three bee stings per week.

Beware, bee allergies are frequent!

If you are an atopic person, you should consult the specialist before using such a treatment.

If you have any kind of allergy, you can proceed carefully, by allowing only a small amount of bee venom to enter your skin at the beginning, and then increasing it accordingly with time.

Allergy to insect poison manifests first in most cases with slight tingling around the neck and mouth.

Observe yourself carefully during these procedures, and if you feel such an event, interrupt the treatment immediately! 

Paracelsus (Swiss physician, 1493-1541) was saying: “The difference between a medicine and a poison is in the dose.” 

We can only wonder how many Treasures of Earth the Modern World is destroying. 

There are so many animal species which simply disappear and could add so much to our  pharmacy! 

“I Do Not Give As The World Gives!” 

John 14:27. 


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