Mycoplasma pneumoniae (Common cold)

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“Everything Has A Spirit, Which Lives after death!”

Belief of Inuits. In their language Inuktitut: “Anirniq“.

Now this people, being in contact with other populations, is exposed to this germ, a fact which limits the capacity to live in an Igloo.

A huge amount of publications makes up an impressive curriculum for this infective agent.
Despite of this fact, many aspects on clinical grounds, and concerning radiological diagnosis of disease remain poorly understood not only by public, but also by medical practitioners.
Being a trained radiologist and family doctor, my aim is filling a bit of this huge gap in general culture.
Facial palsy “a frigore” has been described a long time ago. 
​​​​​​​Because of slower metabolism elderly persons are more afflicted than young population. 

This is also an agent tightly implicated in emergence of osteoarthritis in indigent individuals.

Be it homeless people, or underprivileged, living in poorly heated or isolated houses, they suffer early from joint disease.

One species dwelling in the wilderness of temperate climates is remarquable in this regard- this is the bear.

Omnivorous, but most of the time purely vegetarian, it lives long enough to endure severe articular illness.

This germ is classified as bacterium on the basis of its organells and structure.

Despite this fact it is an obligatory intracellular pathogen.

Protracted cases, especially in older individuals, with lower immunity and metabolism, are related, like viruses, to acute myeloid leukemia.

Is this the case also for other neoplastic illnesses?