Intestinal Transit

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At that time even the harness bells of the horses will be inscribed with the words “Dedicated to the LORD.”

Zechariah 14:20.

Intestinal Transit

This has a very variable time value from one person to the next, and even in the same one from one moment to the other.

Thus, it depends on type of food we ingest, and on the order in which we do it.

Duodenal receptors release neuropeptides from mucosa, which function as hormones on the stomach and regulate wall contraction.

Upper one causes emptying, while sphincter prolongates this one.

Peristalsis depends apart from that on the neuro-vegetative system.

Parasympathetic pendant accelerates transit, while sympathetic part, slows it down.


Highly energetic food defers unlading, while not immediately digested one goes unimpeded through.

Pepsin secreted here breaks down proteins to amino acids, while Ptyalin released already in the mouth – starches to glucose.

Last mentioned simple components are readily absorbed by proximal small bowel and thus release the previously mentioned neuropeptides.

Hence sugars plummet unburdening, while Fiber carbohydrates, for instance salad, hasten it.

As Lipase is released in small proportion from stomach and bigger in duodenum (by pancreas), fat absorbed moderates also disburdening of content.

Small bowel:

Here digestion takes place.

All enzymes are readily available.

Starch Carbohydrates consume rapidly, while Fiber ones slacken.

Hence, transit time here of first is swift, and of second abating.


In this viscus the opposite happens.

Water filling of residue determines this rate.

Starch Carbohydrates are extremely well absorbed by human gut.

Thus, remaining substance is dehydrated and hard.

The one left over in processing of Fiber Carbohydrates has high Cellulose ingredients, which are less well treated in our entrails, and remains are bulky and soft.

Hence first mentioned clog the thick bowel, while second empty readily on demand.

All food remains in the order in which it has been ingested.

You understand here that it is in this last organ that transit time of the whole is decided.