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Teach self-denial and make its practice pleasure, and you can create for the world a destiny more sublime that ever issued from the brain of the wildest dreamer.

Sir Walter Scott, (1771 – 1832), Scottish historian, novelist, poet, and playwright.

This is a common ailment, especially in industrialized society.

Several parameters can be observed when symptoms appear.

First, constipation is most important of all.

Such a factor disturbs heavily colon flora, introducing in it aggressive germs.

Most frequent is Colibacillosis.

Hence, internal, and external inflammation of rectum and anus ensues.

Veins are involved first because of wall fragility.

Abscesses are a recognized complication.

Thus, providing a smooth voluminous stool bulk, by eating more fruit and vegetables, plays a key role.

In an analogous way, you must substantiate the gut with favorable germs.

Eating fermented stuff does the job. There is precise order for introducing this in a meal.

Consider French Table Culture. First plate is a salad, then an aperitive with strong brandy, followed by main dish.

This main course is accompanied by wine, usually red (Resveratrol content).

Alcohol contains precious bacteria, fungi and so on, but has a sterilizing effect.

Hence delicate ingredients in this respect come as last dish. (For instance, Yoghurt, Cheese etc.)

There is a sying: “Laissez une petite place pour le fromage!”

Every Gramm of earth contains hundred species of worms.

Most of them do not survive in human intestine.

Pinworms do.

They have a symbiotic behavior towards our body, being essential for food digestion and immune balance.

Long females, which is when they are old enough, travel outside the digestive tract, and cause vaginitis and urethritis in women.

You can control their population by ingesting adapted seeds, for instance the ones of papaya and pumpkin.

Cleaning perineal region with wet paper or washing it in a “Bidet” in the bathroom helps avoiding external hemorrhoids.

In hot weather those ones have a particular tendency to recur.

Thus, using cold water is crucial. Icy packs can also help.

Bleeding of veins happens in deficit of Vitamin P.

You find this one in Garlic.

As a general rule toughness of vessel walls is highly dependent on input of essential fatty acids, especially Omegas 3 and 6.