Health Policy and Finances

“La philosophie est comme le home-trainer: on reste sur place, mais ça assouplit les méninges!”

Frédéric Dard in San-Antonio. (1921-2000)

In nowadays society everything is money.

Not only time!

From which youngsters have in excess, but not so their bank account.

– Value for money!

While there is more and more of last and much less of first to be found out there.

As a matter of fact, national banks of all countries print second independantly from any value produced in their state.

As to first, it seems to be in character diametrically opposite to second, as modern printers are still unable to duplicate it freely.

Our society and even us, professionals in it, we all claim that Evolution provides us with better living than our ancestors.

We are ready to quote not only Shakespeare but even Jesus to this pretense.

Depending on our convictions.

What about physicians?

President Obama wants to introduce social security of health insurance for all Americans.

We all are ready to great this project!

Especially people like myself, living with family in Switzerland, where health insurance is obligatory since almost 10 years.

In fact, as for my home country, patients were treated anyway, if disease was urgent in Canton Hospitals, even previously to this measure.

What about practicability of such a project?

Creating insurance companies from nowhere is just matter of some papers and legislation agreements.

What about doctors?

How do you produce a medical practitioner?

Being one of those, I would like to propose you my thougths on this subject.

As for cucumbers, you know how to grow them.

A peasant must go to a course provided by agronomy experts, and learn the topic in less than a week time.

What do statistics say on the subject?

For the moment about 40-50% of Americans have a health insurance and thus are treated in hospitals and other medical facilities on a regular basis.

Increasing this specific population to 100% would mean, as previsions say, doubling health care expenditure over the country.

This is fine!

Industrial growth would thus concern almost 15% of working population.

But, where the hell would you take the doctors from?

As this would mean doubling their staff within a year or so.

As for cucumbers, you can find some tutorials on internet and try it in your garden.

Perhaps such an experiment would inform you about present issue of providing America with twice more physicians.

Let me describe for you lifetime of doctorship.

You start with a decision to chose your profession in life.

This is a one way trip.

You chose it, you have to hold to it.

The more you would invest in this direction, the less you would like to change profession.

In Western Europe, youngsters have to do 4 years of College, or so-called Gymnasium, and on completion of this Maturity, they would be able to apply as students in University.

Four plus 6-7 years of theoretical training in topics, which are frequently far away from practice.

After that, those youngsters, who have missed a lot from practical life, are submitted to clinical training.

Four to 10 years at least, after specialty.

Thus, you understand freely, that quality of doctors would be more variable than quality of cucumbers in your Super-Market.

If you consider money equation of those parameters, you have to envision 1000 cities, which are University holders and providers of education, which enlighten millions of professionals to embrace a carrier.

This implies one million of professors.

Forty years ago, when I started with this education in mind, professional literature, which is Textbooks of Medicine, were limping 10 years about after present knowledge and publications, and thus also so-called Professors of University.

Now, almost half a century later, facts are reported in Textbooks by the followers of those professors in excess of 25, even 30 years after publication.

Just the result of growing literature, and not growing illiteracy between followers of Hippocrates.

Professors of Medicine would tell it to you: – They all know how to read!

This means our profession is in urgent need for a Reform.

I suppose, that in a few decades, yougsters would not enter University to learn Medicine.

They would be accepted for studies in Ophtalmology, Dermatology, Skin Surgery and so forth.

This is one possible solution for this profession on our Planet.

As you can suppose already now, it has its flaws and mistakes.

Because the body of a human, as knew already Hippocrates, is one whole thing.

You split the Profession, to have higher level of proficiency, you neglect the subject as a whole.

Who would be able to connect the puzzle?

Between your Ophtalmologist, your heart surgeon and your dermatologist?

Hippocrates told it:

– Everyone should be one’s own doctor!

This is one possible solution of this issue.

And people do it already now. They ask for a second opinion.

It is not because you dislike your doctor, or you do not trust him.

It is the essential core of the game.

Every patient should inquire about his illness.

And medical societies oblige us, practitioners, to inform patients, and not only treat them.

As medical treatment of any kind is tightly linked in its efficiency with understanding on the part of the person treated.

And because, also, there is not therapy without side effects.

Some need to be recognized on time, others, and most of them, can be prevented.

Medical Societies in USA, beginning of 21st century, were obliged to admit thousands of casualties, because of prescription of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Unavoidable toll of Nature, you would imply?

You would be wrong!

It was sufficient, for most of them, to inform patients to drink enough.

Eight glasses of water per day!

And their kidneys would have done fine with this prescription!

As to money, it is not without importance in this whole organized insanity.

Three thousands of years ago, in China, Mandarines, who were rulers of provinces, would pay medical doctors to stay in good health.

As soon as they were ill, they stopped paying their practitioner.

You see the link with nowadays insurance companies.

You pay them all the time.

The only flaw in this equation is, that not insurance companies treat your illnesses, but doctors.

And those ones are paid only when you are ill.

You would interject, that your home practitioner is not an inhumane being, who would be able to prolongate your illness, in order to have more money from the insurance company.

– I hope you are right!

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