Auto-immune disease

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“I Know only One Thing : That I Know Nothing!”

Socrates, Greek Philosopher (469-399BC).  

Some clue indicates that prevalence of autoimmune disease has increased since wide use of fridges and ingestion of mainly fresh or sterilized food. 

Though many germs developing on food are deletary to our immune system and overall health, some, for instance mold of rye bread (Professor Gaston Turian, Mycologist, 1977, Geneva) and cheese, can be salutary. 

The ones growing on meat should be definitely discarded. 

Auto-immune disorders are claimed progressing all over the World.

Change in food processing in industrialized society can be one explanation.

Adaptation of eating habits may play a decisive role in those illnesses, still poorly understood, and with few therapy options.

You would remember the fairy tale of Heidi, an English young girl, unable to walk, and brought from misty London to Swiss Alps in her roll chair. 

Is it a true story from 19th century? 

She is declared healed after a short staying there, due to fresh air, able to walk and run again.

– Or was it rather Swiss alimentary culture, which was responsible for this healing, molded rye bread and cheese?

Such a regime could work still today on a protracted Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Or, did you know, that German culture linked with high consumption of beer, would be responsible in a same explanatory way for less auto-immune diseases, and especially lupus erythematodes (LED), a feared disease between practitioners, in our modern culture?

It is well known since almost 50 years, that people suffering from msyophobia (fear of germs) suffer more frequently of all kind of auto-immune illnesses.

We are composed to a bigger part of germ DNA than human one. If you disrupt this

balance, auto-immune disease ensues.

Also bronchial asthma, hay fever and hyperactive rhinitis are some of the other entities due to similar shortcomings in our bodies. 

Recent publications point to evidence of increasing neoplastic prevalence with high alcohol consumption. One possible explanation could be that such beverages sterilize the intestine and reduce essential for health gut flora. Hence it would be important to enjoy them only in moderate amounts. “Everything with measure!” says Philosopher of Old. 

Current literature recommends one glas of red wine for women each day and two for men. 

A tight link exists between autoimmune and neoplastic disease. Many patients suffer both. 

It is important to observe ancient table traditions. 

In French one, for instance, servings start with a fresh salad, continue with a second, a soup, then main dish, which is accompanied usually with wine, most of the time red, and end with a dessert and cheese. 

Saying goes like this: “Laissez une petite place pour le fromage!”  

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