Psychiatric disease

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” Je Suis Celui Qui Suis!”

Exodus 3:14.

In the Sovjet Union opponents to the regime were at first halted in prisons with deplorable conditions.

Protests all over Earth ensued.

Because of menacing commercial restrictions and sanctions, communist authority had to find a solution.

They knew that prolonged torture produces sickness in people’s mind.

But it left behind marks and scars for a long time.

Then they discovered that simply stress would yield the same effect.

-For instance deprivation of sleep on the long run.

Specialisths describe our inner self as a diamond, which can break:-This is called psychotic syndrome.

So, the State organized facilities, where physicians from other countries were admitted to examine inhabitants.

In many cases they could with their own eyes confirm the diagnosis which had been coined.

(Books of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian Writer, Nobel Prize of Litterature, 1918-2008)

This kind of infirmity is prevalent in Our World nowadays.

Society has a lot of difficulty conciliating Antiquity with Modernity.

Wild Materialism, which goes hand in hand with greed, makes many people unhappy.

This is the cruel side of the face of our society.

Dedicated hospitals are full to the brim, but staff and all professionals are overwhelmed by the task.

They dispose of only two methods of treatment: – Psychoanalysis and Pharmacotherapy.

For second one, big Industries have given up research in this last field.

This because any medicine on the Market can be easily copied by chemists without a licence, and legal protection runs only a few years.

As to first, scientific pulications are usually very far from a spiritual approach.

Because of Totalitarism, Intolerance, Superstition and Extremism (Fanatism) Religions have made themselves very unpalatable already since centuries.

Voltaire was writing: – To believe in God is impossible, but not to believe in Him is absurd!

Scripture says The Holy One Is Speaking in dreams and in thoughts, all the time and never stops, as: –

Daniel 4:5
I saw a dream and it made me fearful; and these fantasies as I lay on my bed and the visions in my mind kept alarming me.

Churches have unfortunately no adapted ideas to propose for ill people.

Where Is Jesus, Curing them all?

As to scientsts, thay are even afraid of the concept of a Higher Power.

C. G. Jung, for instance, whom I liked so much and used to read in my youth, and who has beautiful thoughts, would admit fear of being burned by God.

Like Icarus, who approached the Sun in Greek Mythology.

We are still searching our roots that we cannot find, neither in Antiquity nor in our Actual Surrounding.

Bookstores are closing because of internet, mobile phones and lack of interest.

Less and less folks are reading. Despite huge resources, education is limping behind.

As to Eastern Culture, keen interest was big during the sixties in previous century, but is fading away nowadays.

Less adapted to Western World, it limits itself to Asia.

People do not know how and what to think: – Apart from Fanatics, who believes any more Scripture?

Be it in Buddhism or The Torah, or The Bible, or The Holy Quran?

Today, Buddha, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, John, Muhammad would be considered as having Hallucinations!

The World has become utterly materialistic and there is complete negation even to our spiritual essence.

Such a talk can move at most to laughter, or as a humorist would put it: – If you talk to God, you are a believer, but if He answers to you, you are sick, a psychiatric case!

One Eastern Tale says that the Angels gathered together, and one would say:

– Humans are ugly creatures!

-Where shall we hide our treasure, which is the knowledge of the Spirit, so that they do not find it?

Then one would say: – In the deepest valley!

Another: – On the profound bottom of the sea!

Elseone: – On the top of the highest mountain!

But, all those solutions would not satisfy them, as they found, ultimately people will reach It.

At the very end, one said: – Let us hide It in human heart, as they never look down in themselves!

People in our society have forgotten to listen to their soul, or even their bodies.

They prefer their mobile phone, and you can see so many of them in the streets, not looking where they are going.

I think that main origin of psychiatric disease is to be looked for in this imbalance between Materialism and Spirituality.

Upcoming Generation is searching already for answers and finding some.

Youngsters are reluctant to engage in hard work, and preserve much more time for hobbies, family and free time.

Less heavy tasks, less money, but more freedom to enjoy life!

“And all your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children” (Isaiah 54:13).