Burnout Syndrome

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“What Is in The Letter Is Not In The Word! “

Corinthians 3:6

Burnout is a frequent disease in Global Village.

Some professional groups are concerned in excess of 30-40%.

Its causes appear obscure, even to trained practitioners in conventional medicine.

Diagnosis is thus seldom recognized and appropriately treated.

Patients consult for chronic tiredness, sometimes extreme.

This illness has two peaks in population:

– One is during training, especially in youngsters, frequently just above 20.

– Second one is so-called mid-life crisis, manifesting itself with 40 or 50.

Etiology is deeply rooted in current philosophical frame of modern society.

It is sold to you in a much similar way as religion.

Its main features are tightly linked to uttermost materialism.

Thus aimed treatment of present disease is psychological, orienting the person to an opposite pole or personality:

Enhancing, highlighting or even exalting its spiritual dimension.

– For instance by diminishing daily tasks.

– Taking a sabatic year.

– Increasing free time, and hobbies.

– Psychoanalysis.

– Meditation, relaxation, etc.

Invariable characteristic of disease is a sleep disorder.

Inadaptation, because of lacking traning or philosophical basis of personality and immaturity;

Promote increased stress at work.

Impediment of sleep at night is the result.

Nightmares mean deficit in REM sleep;

Which is linked to inefficiency of non-REM sleep.

Thus body and mind restoration at night become insufficient.

This last parameter can be improved accordingly with specific measures.

Overtraining is just a synonym of burnout in athletes.

Several breaks in training during the year should be implemented in similararity to vacations for prevention.

I propose two of my booklets for this aim.

You can find my publications at http://www.AbeBooks.com, http://www.payot.ch and in other libraries and bookstores.

Digital versions can be purchased at http://www.barnesandnoble.com and http://www.fnac.com.

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