Prostate gland in old age

Adenoma of prostate gland is most frequent ailment in aging males, and consultation reason in urologist’s office.

There is a direct relationship between number of specialists and modernity or development in industrialized society.

Earlier or later elderly men end-up on the operation table of urologists.

Obstruction of bladder outlet by so-called prostate gland adenoma is the reason.

Once supra-pubic adenomectomy the sole option, nowadays urologists resort more frequently to endoscopic resection.

As any medical treatment, operation of this kind has it’s drawbacks and side effects.

Be it impotence or urinary incontinence, male ego is overwhelmingly disturbed by such an accident.

Nowadays, alternatives are proposed more frequently by specialists themselves.

– Be it herbal medicine, or hormonal manipulation.

As to nutritional influence in this situation, its relevance is usually little known.

Hence the aim of this page.

Prostate gland, be it declared normal or adenoma, is not inert tissue in human body.

– In fact, no single organ in our anatomy is without a physiological counterpart and value!

Prostate gland is a fully functional element of male anatomy, with important action in sexual activity.

In fact, all male organs have contractile as well as intumescence properties and function, and the one is tightly linked with second.

In fact erectile function is complementary to capacity at contraction, – erection being a complex manifestation of decontraction of some parts, and tightening of others.

This topic is frequently neglected by modern textbooks, because of misunderstanding, sexual arousal being only partially subjected to voluntary action of mind.

Yogi from Asia know since a long time, that sexual activity and potency is tightly linked to neuro-vegetative system;

Thus, exercises proposed in Hatha Yoga for enhancing neuro-vegetative proficiency of human body in all ages.

– And it’s relation to knowledge of Kama-Sutra.

Philosophy from Europe, which can be simplified as Pragmatism in Modernity, proposes since a long time physical exercise.

Strength training seems nowadays more adapted for enhancing such functions, than aerobics.

As to other cultures, Russians, Japanese and Nordic nations practice a lot alternance of hot and cold baths.

Difficulty in voiding in elderly men is the result of a complex dysfunction.

Frequently, manifestation is linked to prostatitis.

In this respect, voiding after intercourse should be carefully observed by all males.

Use of Viagra and Cialis play a major negative role here.

Apart from that, prostate gland, even in presence of a big adenoma is amenable to improvement by reeducation of contractile function.

By using so-called Crédé manoever, an elderly male is able to learn again methods of prostate gland contraction, and semi-voluntary voiding.

On the other hand, this manoever permits to evaluate amount of urine present in bladder.

Highlight should be stressed on patience, and consistency!

As to alimentary aspect of this topic, it is tremendous.

Any protein intake, be it meat, poultry, fish or cheese, worsen excessively spontaneous intumescence of prostate gland.

Simply switching to a strict vegetarian regime improves this situation, to the point, to at least post-pone intervention by a specialist.

Inability to achieve voiding is not only disturbing, it can also cost you your life, if it happens during travel, in a region where you can not find medical assistance.

– As increasing volume of bladder by blockage, can interfere after several hours with renal function, and become promoter, if not relieved, of renal insufficiency.

Degeneration of neuro-vegetative system of any kind, be it diabetic neuropathy or deficit in Vitamin B12, play probably a major role in many cases, and make reeducation of this male organ of limited value, if not impossible.

In this respect, limiting fast  carbs to a minimum, and absorbing only slow ones, can have also some effect on dietetical grounds.

Explanation of Crédé Manoever: – Consists of gentle pressure and massage of supra-pubic region.

– Should be practiced in seated position, in order to minimize action of sympathetic system, which counteracts para-sympathetic one, and is preponderant in erect position.

As to medical adjunct, I can advise, for having tried it personally, extracts from pine trees.

Bark can be used in cuisine, for different dishes.

Cones have probably the highest effect, one small one being sufficient to cover daily need, especially in conjunct with a vegetarian diet.

Cones, which are subject to mold have a huge effect, healing sometimes prostate gland inflammation, chronic or acute prostatitis.

Beware, sometimes difficult to chew, and also unpalatable, because of very strong taste;

You must start little by little using this medicine;

So that you can resort to mixing it with more palatable stuff, after reducing it into small mixture, (with Bamix for instance).

Beware to using cones from the tree, and not fallen ones from the ground, as those last ones can have many more agressive germs, rather than non-agressive mold from the tree itself.

Taste also the cone before using it, and if it is definitely not eatable to your taste, discard it!

– As I pretend your body should always be considered the best judge!

For women, as well as for men, for both genders, is valuable the advice to drink quantities before, during and after sex encounters.

Concerning natural treatment of prostatitis, it is an experimental one;

Unless, you consider the appelation of pine tree, which has something to do with male genitals;

Did I just discover America for the X. time?

If you consider, that eating cones of the pine tree, especially if molded, could spare you a long and expensive antibiotic therapy at the specialist office, and eventually an operation;

Consider also:

That we, as medical practitioners, encourage partners from alimentary and pharmacological industry to supply high quality products to population:

That is:

Main principles outlined here:

– Whole fruit products are digestible, and seldom could do any harm;

The more they are subjected to industry treatment, the more their quality abates…

Fruit juices, for instance;

If they contain pulp, this is a characteristic for high virtues on your health;

If they are reconditioned and contain additional sugar;

Rather abstain from such a dose!

Same as for vegetal protein:

– As long it is soya bean, as a whole or deep frozen meal:

– It is perfect!

But, if you consume it in a conditioned shape, as a vegetarian steak:

– Nutritionists tell you its value is far from what you expect!

As for cones needed for your prostate gland, in case of a spurt of adenoma or prostatitis;

– You can find tens of sorts of pine trees in temperate climates!

If this is not the case, call a friend who could send you some;

Or, why not, your pharmacist nearby?

(If my treatment meets acceptance).

Voiding in case of so-called adenoma spurt, or prostatitis:

(Reeducation of prostate gland)

Purpose: post-pone medical treatment by specialist, operation and so -forth.

Or, salvaging one’s life in environment devoid from medical facility

(As for instance in the Ocean, without immediate recourse, or in other desertic environment, still present on our Planet)

Avoiding a globe, which beyond something like 1 liter (0.26 Gallons US) can be relieved only by drainage or operation.

– Easily explained by Laplace law.

(In absence of urinary catheter, apply following rules to avoid urinary retention and kidney failure!)

Kidney failure can kill in 1-2 weeks time.

At straining, when prostate is acting obstructively, the body elicits a strong adrenergic spurt of sympathetic system.

When prostate gland is inflamed, this process can be extremely painful.

You can find substantial relief, if you train running a bit in your appartment, not unlike small children, when they are trying to retain from voiding.

Sympathetic system relies on adrenalin and noradrenalin as neuro-transmitters.

Adenoma is similar to rest of penile apparatus of human body, and is constructed of small spaces filled with blood.

Channels would provide exit of this extra filling, but would need several minutes.

Do not try to void immediately!

As for objectivity of this process, you would observe contraction of all visible parts of your male anatomy.

Penis is not only an erectile entity, but also able to contract exceedingly.

If your ego is also painful in this action, remember Andalusian horses:

– When running in the prairie, you need experience to tell which one is male and which one is female, so small and contracted are their male organs (For physiological purposes!)

Wait a few minutes, till you do not feel any more progressive contraction.

This would mean your prostate has attained its smallest size!

At this point, it would not be painful any longer!

Then you can sit confortably on your loo and try voiding again.

This time, you would observe decontraction of your penis, which would grow again to its regular size.

This action is elicited by so-called para-sympathetic system, based on acetylcholine as neuro-transmitter, which is essential for contraction of detrusor muscle of bladder.

As you understand, this action would also make your prostate gland fill again with blood, and stop urination again.

Wait again a few minutes, and try again!

This time waiting would be more necessary for adaptation of detrusor muscle for a new challenge (At lower urinary bladder capacity!)

The more full your bladder would be, the more time and repeats you would need to empty it.


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