Conservative treatment and stabilization of shoulder dislocation

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Shoulder dislocation is a frequent traumatic event.

Unfortunately it has chronic consequences, especially shoulder instability.

Conventional medicine proposes surgery for stabilization.

Conservative treatment can be applied with success.

 – This is the topic of my booklet. 

As for my personal experience:

– My first dislocation was with 18;

My shoulder has been unstable, and this increasingly so during decades;

I started with this program 4 years and 6 months ago;

I consider 10 sets of pull-ups and 10 sets of push-ups as efficient per day.

Pull-ups should be practiced with as much contraction of the whole body as possible, and never in relaxation, especially of the shoulders.

Now I do not feel any whatsoever instability!

The best advice is to abstain from free weights!

Calisthenics has to do with mastering one’s own weight.

Completely different strategy and philosophy!

If you do not take my advice, start learning from Spartans, and inquire about the battle of the 300. (Battle of Thermopylae).

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