Conservative treatment of meniscus lesions of the knee

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Meniscus lesions of the knee are a frequent traumatic event in many sports. 

Pain from a meniscus lesion of the knee can involve the whole leg, and induce walking impotence.

Direct consequence is reducing physical activity.

Conventional medicine proposes surgery.

Conservative therapy, as outlined in this text, can be fully applied in most cases, and improve functional end result. 

Meniscus protection measures

The Step-Track:

An exercise that I described years ago, consisted in doing partial squats with the back leaning against a wall, and knees in flexion at 90°.

This should be executed on heels, rolling up the foot in the movement up, to train the calf muscles.

Bodyweight should be moved from one leg to the other, like walking.

If your meniscus lesion is fresh, you must do the Step-Track only on heels.


In similar fashion, when promenading, bodyweight should be received on the heel, with Air-Walk shoes, and the foot rolled up on tiptoes in the movement up.

Tiptoe walking induces imbalances in the knee, which produce shearing forces and tear weak meniscus cicatrices.

Evolution has provided with time the heel with a special thick fat pad, which completes shock absorption together with the knee meniscus.

A similar fat pad in the forefoot is much thinner, and points to a more recent acquisition, or to lesser function.

Barefoot running should be practiced only on a soft surface, for instance grass.

For running on hard surfaces adapted shoes are available.

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