Sleep and rest

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“I Am The True Bread Which Comes From Heaven And Gives Life To The World!”

John 6:32.

Modern life reserves many hurdles for sleep and rest.
Despite potent sleeping medicine, this is frequently not enough to win in this unequal war.
In this very short text I tried to sum up practical advice which could be helpful.

A lot has been added to modern litterature in recent decades.

It is well known since a long time that sleep is most restoring between 11pm and 1am.

With winter- and summertime switches, this one is reported to 10pm and 2am.

Gastroenteritis, most frequently viral, and common in Modern Society, exceedingly contagious, wakes up frequently prematurely workers at night.

This is probably related to so-called “Third Sector”, that is nothing else than accumulation of tremendous amounts of liquid in small bowel, due to inflammation.

The whole anatomy gives up its aqueous contents in this process, and dehydrates itself.

This action induces an override of the neurovegetative system.

Its parasympathetic component, which moves the intestine, tries to free the body from the excess.

The sympathetic counterpart paralyzes it in order to preserve integrity of water reserves, and promotes a vasoconstriction to maintain blood pressure.

Consequent overdrive of catecholamines interrupts sleep and rest.

Encumbert organism at first answers with constipation, from dried, plugged stool, before diarrhea starts.

Healing goes hand in hand with accentuated diuresis, that empties definitively the small bowel.

Diarrhea can persist because of flattening of gut mucosa and thus poor absorption.

Reduced intake of fats for the next few days is recommended.

Because of overdrive of the sympathetic part of neuro-vegetative system, with excessive secretion of catecholamines, a full bladder interferes with deepening of sleep.

That is why you should distribute liquid intake during the day in such a way, that need of going to the bathroom at night does not wake you up.

Also, prostatitis with a consequently hyperactive bladder is a similar case and needs attention.

Strong daylight permits awakening, and if not available can be replaced with electrical one.

Hence, darkness is important at night.